What is virtual ID ? how to Generate Aadhar Virtual Id

What is Aadhaar virtual ID?

The Virtual Id is 16 digit number mapped with your Aadhar number.UIDAI, launch this new technique to prevent from hacker and Aadhar Data leak.that’s why Aadhar VID is introduced. The Vid can we use purpose of authentication in the same way of Aadhar number.

How can I get an Aadhar virtual ID?

This 16 digits unique identification no. Can be generated in these few easy steps:

Step 1- Log on the UIDAI website (www.uidai.gov.in)

Step 2- After the website opens, click on “VIRTUAL ID Generator”


 Virtual Id Generator

                                                       Virtual Id Generator


Step 3: Enter your Aadhar Detail And other details which are required.


Aadhar Card Vid Generator

Step: 4 An OTP send on your registered mobile no.

Step: 5 After the OTP is entered, the user shall be provided with two options (either to generate a new virtual id or to retrieve the new one in case that is been misplaced by the user)

Online Vid Gen

Aadhar Virtual Id came with various features listed as follows:

  • That the person is not required to provide his Aadhar no. Everywhere to complete e-KYC of various companies.
  • It’s a virtual ID and a person if need can generate a new one. The old shall remain valid until a new one is generated.
  • A person if not able to create a virtual ID then can prove Aadhaar no. There is no compulsion of providing with Aadhar virtual id only.
  • It is a need-based authentication (i.e., it needs only limited information of the user) thereby lessening up the difficulties.

Sort Introduction about Virtual Id

Everything which is provided to us by the government has the significance which can protect us from various cyber crimes. More the country is heading towards digitalization, more crimes are taking place and as a solution to this, the facility of creating this unique identification id is provided.

The companies dealing with public money requires a KYC to be completed by the customer. Now in case, the customer is not in the favor of providing the Aadhar no. One can provide ADHAAR VIRTUAL ID and that is so acceptable by the companies’ equivalent to Aadhar. Adhaar virtual Id is a step towards not only digital India but also Safe India.

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Updated: April 26, 2019 — 6:33 am

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