How To Download E aadhar Online

Aadhar Card – What is it?

Aadhar Card is an identity card issued by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) on behalf of the Government of India. aadhaar is a 12 digit unique identification number assigned to an individual. aadhaar number is linked to the applicant’s biometric and demographic data. All legal residents of India, including NRIs and foreign nationals living in India, can apply for aadhaar Card.

UIDAI collects the biometric and demographic data of the applicant and stores them in a centralized database. This applicant record is assigned a 12 digit unique identity number, called aadhaar number. This 12 digits unique identity number is thus assigned to the applicant who had enrolled for the aadhar Card. This 12 digits unique ID number will be a valid ID number for that person for his/her entire life and will never be assigned to any other person. Similarly, an individual can get aadhar Card 12 digits unique ID number only once in his/her life. If an individual tries to apply for a second aadhaar Card, the system will recognize existing AADHAR Card entry and will reject his/her 2nd duplicate application.

How To download E-aadhar

There could be many situations where you may need to download aadhar Card duplicate copy online. Say if you went to apply to apply for a passport or a new mobile connection but forgot to carry your aadhar Card, you can go to a nearby cybercafe and download an e-aadhar Card duplicate copy online PDF file and print it right there. You can also download duplicate aadhar Card PDF file and carry it in your mobile phone memory / USB flash memory without any worry, as aadhar Card PDF downloaded online is password protected. To open download e-aadhar Card PDF file one needs to enter a password which is described below. This way you need not carry physical / original copy of your aadhar Card everywhere. You can simply carry your aadhaar Card download duplicate copy in PDF format and print it as and when needed even without internet connection and without having to download every time
Download Aadhar card Step by Step Information:
STEP 1: Go To Offical website of UIDAI



STEP 2: Enter your name as per aadhar card

Enter your 12 Digits Aadhar number
Enter your 6 digits pin code
And fill the Captcha
Finally, Click on Get one Time Password Button
STEP 3: Now You are Received OTP( One Time Password) on Register Mobile number Enter this OTP and Download E-aadhar Card
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Updated: March 7, 2020 — 11:24 am

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