How To Apply for Aadhar card

How to apply for aadhaar Card?

To apply for a new Aadhaar Card one has to go to any nearby aadhaar Card enrollment center, with or without prior appointment. There is an online process in place to take an appointment to apply for aadhaar Card. It has been observed that only a few people take prior appointment online and the queue of people without an online appointment can get quite long and time-consuming. So it’s advisable to take a prior appointment online to apply for aadhaar Card at a center near you. The process to register aadhaar Card appointment online is explained here: Online Registration for aadhar Card.
To apply for aadhaar Card, you need to fill and submit the aadhaar Card application form at the aadhaar center. You can get The aadhaar Card application form at the aadhaar center itself for free. Or, to save time, you can download the aadhaar Card application form online, take a print out and fill it at home before going to the aadhaar center. aadhaar Card application form related information is provided here: Form Download for aadhar Card. You also need to carry at least 2 documents with you to apply for aadhaar Card. 1 Id proof and 1 Address proof document (original as well as Xerox copy) are required to apply for aadhaar Card. List of documents required/accepted for a new aadhaar Card application are mentioned here: Documents for aadhar Card.
Procedure to apply for aadhaar Card at the center
Please take a note that you can apply for aadhaar Card only once. Any multiple attempts after a successful aadhaar Card enrollment will be rejected by the system.
If you have taken an online appointment please go to the aadhaar center on the allotted date & time, else simply walk in at any nearby aadhaar center during working hours. Make sure you have carried the required Id and Address proof documents along with their Xerox copies. If you have not already downloaded and filled the form from online, ask for an aadhaar application form and fill it up before you are called for the processing. Make sure you provide your mobile number that you will be using for the long term, as all the aadhaar related verification alerts and one-time password (OTP) codes will be sent on that mobile number in future. When you are called for the processing, give the filled aadhaar application form and documents (original and Xerox copies) to the representative. The documents Xerox copies will be cross verified against the original documents and after that, the original documents will be returned back to you immediately. The representative will now feed in the details provided by you in the aadhaar application form into the aadhaar processing computer system. They will then take your digital photograph, iris scan, and fingerprints scan, which are directly captured into the aadhaar processing computer system electronically. As a final step, you will show your details in the aadhaar processing computer system and asked to review and make corrections if any, before your application is submitted for processing. Here once again make sure your mobile number is entered correctly into the system as it will be a must for most of the aadhaar related verifications. Once everything is in order, your application will be submitted for processing electronically and the system will print an enrollment acknowledgment slip. This aadhaar enrollment acknowledgment slip will have a unique enrollment number and date and time of enrollment. It will also have other details collected during enrollment including your name, address, date of birth and digital photograph printed on it. aadhaar enrollment acknowledgment slip is a very important document as it will be needed when you want to check aadhaar Card status online and can even be used for downloading aadhaar Card online.

Procedure after Aadhaar Card is applied

After you have applied for aadhaar Card, the application processing can take anywhere from 20 to 30 days or more depending upon the backlog at the aadhaar back office. aadhaar verification process is time-consuming and very strict to ensure no duplicate aadhaar Card is issued and is issued only to legal residents of India. You can check your aadhaar Card status online using your enrollment slip from here: Status of aadhar Card. Once your application is processed successfully, you will be sent a confirmation SMS and/or Email and a few days later you will receive the physical aadhaar Card by post at your given home address. If you urgently need aadhaar Card, you may download duplicate aadhaar Card online as soon as you receive the successful processing confirmation, from here: Download e-aadhar Card. If for any reason your aadhaar Card application is rejected, you will be intimated to reapply for aadhaar Card by post.

Aadhar Card – Who can apply? 

Every legal resident of India is eligible to apply for aadhar Card as long as he/she can satisfy the verification process set by UIDAI. There is no restriction of age, gender, caste, nationality, etc. to apply. Even NRI and foreigners (foreign nationals living in India) are eligible to apply for ADHAR Card.
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Updated: December 1, 2018 — 4:49 am

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