What are Aadhar Card Advantages and Disadvantages ?

Aadhaar card unique identification number for Indian citizens has in many ways have made life simpler. There are many benefits of Aadhaar card that we are aware of. aadhaar card benefits are many. We put forward all the benefits of Aadhaar card here. So, that person is aware of all the uses and benefits of Aadhaar that has simplified our lives in many ways.

aadhar card for property registration

If you want to buy any property, we compulsorily have to submit our Aadhaar card details. Mainly in Maharastra, even tenants have to submit their unique 12-digit Aadhaar identification for witness purpose. For renting a property, we have to visit the igrmaharashtra.gov.in site. here is the aadhaar card benefits update. There you may enter bank details, Aadhaar details, signature with property documents. In this way, with the use of Aadhaar card, people can make their property transitions even when they are not physically present. 

aadhar card registration for scholarship

All state and central government students who need scholarship for their studies, they are mandatory to submit their Aadhar card number. Then only, the fellowship amount will be credited to Aadhaar authorized bank account.

is aadhaar card mandatory for atal pension yojana?

Already, the central government constituted that Aadhaar card registration is obligatory to credit their pension to bank accounts. aadhaar card benefits are many. The state government doesn’t make it mandatory that Aadhaar for pension, but they made it is the compulsory document for all purposes and benefits in government.

aadhar card required for passport application

If we have Aadhaar card, it’s easy to get the passport in 10 days. So, the 12-digit identification number must require getting your passport shortly.

Road Transports:
For driving license, vehicle registrations, learning license, and many other road transport needs, the Aadhaar is mandatory. Currently, the Aadhaar for transport needs is necessary to proof for both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states.

is aadhaar card mandatory for voter id

From 2015 onwards, the government has made linked Aadhaar card identity to voter id. So, it lessens the fake votes. get this aadhaar card benefits update here. By linking up Aadhaar with voter card, it is impossible to vote twice. 

is aadhaar card compulsory for epfo (provident fund) ?
All government employees, who linked up their Aadhaar identification with the provident fund. Then only the amount credited to Aadhaar enabled account.

Like this and many more benefits, this Aadhaar card plays major role in our daily lives. So, guys without any late, if you don’t have Aadhaar, apply it immediately. Use this aadhaar card benefits article to get more idea. By visiting the official page, you will know more details about Aadhaar benefits.

Some Other Aadhaar Card Benefits

Actually, this Aadhaar card was came into existence in the year 2009. During the initial periods, the enrolment process of Aadhaar card raises many issues like, incorrect displayed data, error on registration page and others. Now, most of the problems were solved by the government and make it as a mandatory document for all people. Without which, we cannot get any government related benefits.

Aadhaar card for Ration/ white card

Some people, who don’t have an idea about why Aadhaar is important in our lives. Here we are providing the few benefits of Aadhaar card. There are many benefits of Aadhaar card. But here we are mention few of the important benefits in below. Go through the below article. Then who still don’t have Aadhaar, let’s enroll for it soon.
Aadhaar card useful to get Voter ID

The most primary benefit of Aadhaar card is When we link up our Aadhaar 12-digit number to LPG subsidy bank account. We can directly get the amount directly to our Aadhaar enabled banks account. This scheme will help all the consumers a lot. If you want this benefit, please visit your nearby distributor and then link up with your Aadhaar to LPG consumer number.

Aadhaar card may also help the students to get the scholarship easily. Students who had sanction for scholarship amount. They will receive the scholarship amount directly to Aadhaar enabled bank account. Rather than students collect the amount by going to allotted place, they have to access it easily from their bank accounts.

Aadhaar link to Bank Account

For central government pensioners also, this Aadhaar link up scheme is helpful. Instead of going to the office for pension amount. If they seed the Aadhaar 12-digit number to pensions account. They can directly get the money to their Aadhaar enabled account. It lessens your time also.

Recently, the provident fund is also made compulsory by the supreme court for all government employees in India. That, the Aadhaar number link with Employee Provident Fund Organisation. 

Aadhaar useful for security Purpose

Digital locker is a one of a scheme by the government of India. Which shortly known as Digilocker, it is a personal electronic space for storing documents. If we link up our Aadhaar to the 16gb storage device. We can store all important documents like university certificates, PAN card, and other proofs. So, guys, these are few important benefits of Aadhaar card. If you have any queries please log on to Aadhaar official page

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Updated: December 1, 2018 — 4:49 am

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