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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

How To Update Aadhar Card Online

Aadhar Card - What are the benefits?

Aadhaar Card will be accepted as valid Proof of Identity as well as valid Proof of Address document for various government and private sector services such as applying for the passport, gas connection, new mobile phone connection, etc. Since the data are stored in a centralized database, one can easily download and print his/her aadhar Card online from anywhere at anytime without any charges. The printed aadhar Card has the same validity as the original one that applicant receives in the post. 
aadhar Card - How much does it cost?

Aadhar Card is issued free of cost by UIDAI on behalf of the Government of India. There are no charges for ADHAR Card Form or aadhar Card Application Process. If any representative or individual asks for money, report it immediately to UIDAI.

Aadhar Card - Is it mandatory? 

Aadhar Card is not a mandatory document as was recently ruled by the Supreme Court of India. Aadhar Card is a voluntary ID document that every legal resident of India can avail irrespective of their present documentation. The Supreme Court of India issued an interim order on 23 September 2013 saying that "no person should suffer for not getting aadhaar". The government cannot deny a service to a resident if he/she does not hold ADHAR Card, as it is voluntary and not mandatory.

Aadhar Card Change Name  Address DOB Online Correction

Through online mode you can change in Name, Address, Phone, Gender, Date of Birth etc.You can also make all these changes via post also.To make the changes via post firstly you have to download the Update/Correction Form.You can change following data on your Aadhar Card by sending the change request application through post:- Name, Address, Mobile Phone Number, Gender, Date Of Birth.

STEP 1: Go to Official below link https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/web/guest/update

STEP 2: Enter 12 Digits Aadhar card number and click on Send OTP button.

STEP 3: Enter 6 Digits OTP that send to registered mobile number

STEP 4: Now Select Respective Box That you want to update.

Note: here I have demonstrated you so I have chosen name update

STEP 5: Now enter updated details in your respective textbox

STEP 6: Now Confirmed Your update and click on proceed button

STEP 7: upload a valid document Requirement of the document is depends upon the change request.To make the changes a self-attested document will need to be sent along with update/correction form.

These documents are required to make the following changes:-

1.To the change of Address in Aadhar Card, a Proof of Address document is required.
2.To the change of Name in Aadhar card, a proof of Identity document is required.
3.To the change of Date Of Birth in Aadhar Card, a proof of Date of a Birth document is required.

STEP 8: Now Select Database provided Either Karvy and Aegis and click on Submit button

Finally, your request has been submitted successfully 

Note: mention your URN(update request number) because URN number is required when you check aadhar card update status

How To Apply for Aadhar card

How to apply for aadhaar Card?

To apply for a new Aadhaar Card one has to go to any nearby aadhaar Card enrollment center, with or without prior appointment. There is an online process in place to take an appointment to apply for aadhaar Card. It has been observed that only a few people take prior appointment online and the queue of people without an online appointment can get quite long and time-consuming. So it's advisable to take a prior appointment online to apply for aadhaar Card at a center near you. The process to register aadhaar Card appointment online is explained here: Online Registration for aadhar Card.

To apply for aadhaar Card, you need to fill and submit the aadhaar Card application form at the aadhaar center. You can get The aadhaar Card application form at the aadhaar center itself for free. Or, to save time, you can download the aadhaar Card application form online, take a print out and fill it at home before going to the aadhaar center. aadhaar Card application form related information is provided here: Form Download for aadhar Card. You also need to carry at least 2 documents with you to apply for aadhaar Card. 1 Id proof and 1 Address proof document (original as well as Xerox copy) are required to apply for aadhaar Card. List of documents required/accepted for a new aadhaar Card application are mentioned here: Documents for aadhar Card.
Procedure to apply for aadhaar Card at the center

Please take a note that you can apply for aadhaar Card only once. Any multiple attempts after a successful aadhaar Card enrollment will be rejected by the system.

If you have taken an online appointment please go to the aadhaar center on the allotted date & time, else simply walk in at any nearby aadhaar center during working hours. Make sure you have carried the required Id and Address proof documents along with their Xerox copies. If you have not already downloaded and filled the form from online, ask for an aadhaar application form and fill it up before you are called for the processing. Make sure you provide your mobile number that you will be using for the long term, as all the aadhaar related verification alerts and one-time password (OTP) codes will be sent on that mobile number in future. When you are called for the processing, give the filled aadhaar application form and documents (original and Xerox copies) to the representative. The documents Xerox copies will be cross verified against the original documents and after that, the original documents will be returned back to you immediately. The representative will now feed in the details provided by you in the aadhaar application form into the aadhaar processing computer system. They will then take your digital photograph, iris scan, and fingerprints scan, which are directly captured into the aadhaar processing computer system electronically. As a final step, you will show your details in the aadhaar processing computer system and asked to review and make corrections if any, before your application is submitted for processing. Here once again make sure your mobile number is entered correctly into the system as it will be a must for most of the aadhaar related verifications. Once everything is in order, your application will be submitted for processing electronically and the system will print an enrollment acknowledgment slip. This aadhaar enrollment acknowledgment slip will have a unique enrollment number and date and time of enrollment. It will also have other details collected during enrollment including your name, address, date of birth and digital photograph printed on it. aadhaar enrollment acknowledgment slip is a very important document as it will be needed when you want to check aadhaar Card status online and can even be used for downloading aadhaar Card online.

Procedure after Aadhaar Card is applied

After you have applied for aadhaar Card, the application processing can take anywhere from 20 to 30 days or more depending upon the backlog at the aadhaar back office. aadhaar verification process is time-consuming and very strict to ensure no duplicate aadhaar Card is issued and is issued only to legal residents of India. You can check your aadhaar Card status online using your enrollment slip from here: Status of aadhar Card. Once your application is processed successfully, you will be sent a confirmation SMS and/or Email and a few days later you will receive the physical aadhaar Card by post at your given home address. If you urgently need aadhaar Card, you may download duplicate aadhaar Card online as soon as you receive the successful processing confirmation, from here: Download e-aadhar Card. If for any reason your aadhaar Card application is rejected, you will be intimated to reapply for aadhaar Card by post.

Aadhar Card - Who can apply? 

Every legal resident of India is eligible to apply for aadhar Card as long as he/she can satisfy the verification process set by UIDAI. There is no restriction of age, gender, caste, nationality, etc. to apply. Even NRI and foreigners (foreign nationals living in India) are eligible to apply for ADHAR Card.


How To Download E aadhar Online

Aadhar Card - What is it? 

Aadhar Card is an identity card issued by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) on behalf of the Government of India. aadhaar is a 12 digit unique identification number assigned to an individual. aadhaar number is linked to the applicant's biometric and demographic data. All legal residents of India, including NRIs and foreign nationals living in India, can apply for aadhaar Card. 

UIDAI collects the biometric and demographic data of the applicant and stores them in a centralized database. This applicant record is assigned a 12 digit unique identity number, called aadhaar number. This 12 digits unique identity number is thus assigned to the applicant who had enrolled for the aadhar Card. This 12 digits unique ID number will be a valid ID number for that person for his/her entire life and will never be assigned to any other person. Similarly, an individual can get aadhar Card 12 digits unique ID number only once in his/her life. If an individual tries to apply for a second aadhaar Card, the system will recognize existing AADHAR Card entry and will reject his/her 2nd duplicate application.

How To download E-aadhar

There could be many situations where you may need to download aadhar Card duplicate copy online. Say if you went to apply to apply for a passport or a new mobile connection but forgot to carry your aadhar Card, you can go to a nearby cybercafe and download an e-aadhar Card duplicate copy online PDF file and print it right there. You can also download duplicate aadhar Card PDF file and carry it in your mobile phone memory / USB flash memory without any worry, as aadhar Card PDF downloaded online is password protected. To open download e-aadhar Card PDF file one needs to enter a password which is described below. This way you need not carry physical / original copy of your aadhar Card everywhere. You can simply carry your aadhaar Card download duplicate copy in PDF format and print it as and when needed even without internet connection and without having to download every time

Download Aadhar card Step by Step Information:

STEP 1: Go To Offical website of UIDAI https://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/

STEP 2: Enter your name as per aadhar card

Enter your 12 Digits Aadhar number
Enter your 6 digits pin code
And fill the Captcha
Finally, Click on Get one Time Password Button

STEP 3: Now You are Received OTP( One Time Password) on Register Mobile number Enter this OTP and Download E-aadhar Card

Thursday, 18 January 2018

What are Aadhar Card Advantages and Disadvantages ?

Aadhaar card unique identification number for Indian citizens has in many ways have made life simpler. There are many benefits of Aadhaar card that we are aware of. aadhaar card benefits are many. We put forward all the benefits of Aadhaar card here. So, that person is aware of all the uses and benefits of Aadhaar that has simplified our lives in many ways.

aadhar card for property registration

If you want to buy any property, we compulsorily have to submit our Aadhaar card details. Mainly in Maharastra, even tenants have to submit their unique 12-digit Aadhaar identification for witness purpose. For renting a property, we have to visit the igrmaharashtra.gov.in site. here is the aadhaar card benefits update. There you may enter bank details, Aadhaar details, signature with property documents. In this way, with the use of Aadhaar card, people can make their property transitions even when they are not physically present. 

aadhar card registration for scholarship

All state and central government students who need scholarship for their studies, they are mandatory to submit their Aadhar card number. Then only, the fellowship amount will be credited to Aadhaar authorized bank account.

is aadhaar card mandatory for atal pension yojana?

Already, the central government constituted that Aadhaar card registration is obligatory to credit their pension to bank accounts. aadhaar card benefits are many. The state government doesn’t make it mandatory that Aadhaar for pension, but they made it is the compulsory document for all purposes and benefits in government.

aadhar card required for passport application

If we have Aadhaar card, it's easy to get the passport in 10 days. So, the 12-digit identification number must require getting your passport shortly.

Road Transports:
For driving license, vehicle registrations, learning license, and many other road transport needs, the Aadhaar is mandatory. Currently, the Aadhaar for transport needs is necessary to proof for both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states.

is aadhaar card mandatory for voter id

From 2015 onwards, the government has made linked Aadhaar card identity to voter id. So, it lessens the fake votes. get this aadhaar card benefits update here. By linking up Aadhaar with voter card, it is impossible to vote twice. 

is aadhaar card compulsory for epfo (provident fund) ?
All government employees, who linked up their Aadhaar identification with the provident fund. Then only the amount credited to Aadhaar enabled account.

Like this and many more benefits, this Aadhaar card plays major role in our daily lives. So, guys without any late, if you don’t have Aadhaar, apply it immediately. Use this aadhaar card benefits article to get more idea. By visiting the official page, you will know more details about Aadhaar benefits.

Some Other Aadhaar Card Benefits

Actually, this Aadhaar card was came into existence in the year 2009. During the initial periods, the enrolment process of Aadhaar card raises many issues like, incorrect displayed data, error on registration page and others. Now, most of the problems were solved by the government and make it as a mandatory document for all people. Without which, we cannot get any government related benefits.

Aadhaar card for Ration/ white card

Some people, who don’t have an idea about why Aadhaar is important in our lives. Here we are providing the few benefits of Aadhaar card. There are many benefits of Aadhaar card. But here we are mention few of the important benefits in below. Go through the below article. Then who still don’t have Aadhaar, let's enroll for it soon.
Aadhaar card useful to get Voter ID

The most primary benefit of Aadhaar card is When we link up our Aadhaar 12-digit number to LPG subsidy bank account. We can directly get the amount directly to our Aadhaar enabled banks account. This scheme will help all the consumers a lot. If you want this benefit, please visit your nearby distributor and then link up with your Aadhaar to LPG consumer number.

Aadhaar card may also help the students to get the scholarship easily. Students who had sanction for scholarship amount. They will receive the scholarship amount directly to Aadhaar enabled bank account. Rather than students collect the amount by going to allotted place, they have to access it easily from their bank accounts.

Aadhaar link to Bank Account

For central government pensioners also, this Aadhaar link up scheme is helpful. Instead of going to the office for pension amount. If they seed the Aadhaar 12-digit number to pensions account. They can directly get the money to their Aadhaar enabled account. It lessens your time also.

Recently, the provident fund is also made compulsory by the supreme court for all government employees in India. That, the Aadhaar number link with Employee Provident Fund Organisation. 

Aadhaar useful for security Purpose

Digital locker is a one of a scheme by the government of India. Which shortly known as Digilocker, it is a personal electronic space for storing documents. If we link up our Aadhaar to the 16gb storage device. We can store all important documents like university certificates, PAN card, and other proofs. So, guys, these are few important benefits of Aadhaar card. If you have any queries please log on to Aadhaar official page

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Find Enrollment Number Online

Guys, who lost or misplaced their Aadhaar card E.NO, please don’t be nervous. The government of India also introduced the duplication of Aadhaar card scheme. lost aadhar card how to get a new one is a point here. All we need is just Aadhaar number or acknowledgment slip id. The duplicate Aadhaar looks same as original one. You can download the duplicate card through online mode or you can go to nearby Aadhaar regional office. We recommend online procedure is the best and easy way to get the digital copy.

Find Enrollment id Online

  • Firstly, people have to open the official page of, UIDAI portal https://goo.gl/ZZ1cFw
  • On a homepage, choose for Retrieve lost EID then tap on it, EID form displays on the screen.

  • Type your valid personal details like name, email, mobile number and enter captcha then hit on getting OTP.

  • In a few seconds, you will receive the one-time password to your registered mobile number.
  • Enter OTP on step 2 field then click on verify OTP button.
  • Finally, you Get Your E.No on Registered Mobile number

If you Don't Remeber name or Not Register mobile number Or internet issue so what to do?

Guys who are unable to do above steps or who are from backward areas without internet facilities, they all are requesting to visit the nearby regional offices with all your id proofs. find the easy way if you lost aadhar card how to get a new one. And with all documents, don’t forget to carry the acknowledgment slip too. It's quite difficult when you forgot your acknowledgment slip. So, people don’t be panic, there is always a solution for every problem. 

please go to your nearest aadhar card center with help of your fingerprint find your aaadhar card data

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Aadhar Card Status Check Online

Check Aadhar Card Status

Ones you have applied for Aadhar card it takes minimum 15 days to generator Aadhar card.UIDAI has provided facility to check whether Aadhar card generated or not.

STEP 2: Enter your 14 Digits E.No ID as well as Date&Time, Fiil the Captch and Click on Check Status Button.

Finally, see your status whether aadhar card generated or not

Check Aadhar Card Update Status:

Whenever you are applied for the Aadhar card there this might be chance that details are wrong like name, date of birth(DOB), ETC.you have compulsory changed their aadhar card details so UIDAI has provided facility to update Aadhar card information online.

Ones you have applied for Aadhar update request it takes minimum 15 or more days update your details, here UIDAI has also provided facility to check Aadhar card update status to we have mentioned below full step by step procedure of check Aadhar card status online.

STEP 1: Go to Below UIDIA website

STEP 2: Enter your 12 Digits Aadhar number.and URN (update request number)

NOTE: URN generated when you applied for Aadhar card update request

STEP 3: Finally Display whether Aadhar card update or not


What is E Aadhar Card PDF Password?

Aadhar card PDF Password:

Nows Day E-Aaadhar is Valid on many platforms like Train, Government Bus, Government Scheme Any more.so Everyone is download E Aadhar card From UIDAI website.This E aadhar card is protected with the Password.This Password Would be Your 6 Digits Pincode but  UIDAI has been changed this now password is not your 6 Digits Pincode.So what is the password for the e Aadhar?

so here we Information about what is your aadhar card password There is four Possibility for that so we give descriptions for all these possibilities.

Case 1:

Considered You Name is BHAVESH KUMAR so Your Password is Your First name four char is "BHAV" and your Year of Birth is "1985" so password would be "BHAV1985"

Case 2:

Considered You Name is "RAM DAVE" so Your Password is Your First name four char is "RAMD" and your Year of Birth is "1985" so password would be "RAMD1985"

Case 3:

Considered You Name is "B.KUMAR" so Your Password is Your First name four char is "B.KU" and your Year of Birth is "1985" so password would be "B.KU1985"

Case 4:

Considered You Name is "KUMAR" so Your Password is Your First name four char is "KUMA" and your Year of Birth is "1985" so password would be "KUMA1985"
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