Eaadhar card download online

How To Download Aadhar Card Online

everybody knows that nowadays eaadhar is the most important document in India.so it’s time to digitization everything, UIDAI has also provided facility to download digital aadhar card (know as e-aadhar) so we are providing full step details to download Aadhar card.

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There are 3 way to download aadhar card

  1. By Aadhar Number
  2. By Enrollment Number
  3. By Virtual ID Number

E Aadhar Card Download By Aadhar Card Number


STEP 1: Visit UIDAI Official Website https://eaadhar.uidai.gov.in download

E Aadhar card download

                           E Aadhar card download


STEP 2: Click on “Aadhaar Number” now fill all the details carefully

  1. If you want to masked Aadhar then Select Your Preferences  “Masked Aadhar”
  2. Enter 12 Digits aadhar card number (here we had selected by adhaar number that’s why you have enter aadhar number)

Aadhar Card Download

STEP 3: You should receive OTP (One Time Password) on your registered mobile number, Enter OTP on next step.

STEP 4: Take Quick Survey About your Experience On UIDAI. Check Below Image I am Select Base on my Experience. ( You can also Fill This Survey With your personal Experience.)

e aadhar card download


Finally, Click on Verify And Download. your aadhar card download successfully.

Check This article for what is the password of Aadhar card

Check here  E aadhar PDF Password

Adhaar Card Download By Enrollment ID

We have written full step by step procedure for aadhar card download by “Enrollment number” so all step remains same but only one thing change is “you have to select Enrollment Id rather than aadhar number during aadhar card download”.  


E Aadhar Download

                            E Aadhar Download

Aadhar Card Download By Virtual ID Number


Download E Aadhar Card

We have written full step by step procedure for e aadhar card download by “Virtual ID” so all step remains same but only one thing change is “you have to select  Virtual Id rather than aadhar number during aadhar card download”.

Aadhar Card Status Check Online

After Applying for Aadhar Card you need to know whether my aadhar card generated or not? Right. Here We listed step for how to check aadhar status. just go through below step and check your aadhaar Status

Step 1: Please go to the below-mentioned URL


Step 2: You will be redirected to a web form (as posted below). Where you need to fill some of the information such as Enrolment ID, Date / Time and Security code (CAPTCHA Displayed as in Screenshot).

Step 3: After Completing the form filling work. Please check it carefully then click on the Check Status button. Then you will be redirected to the new page where you can find your Aadhar Card Current Status.

We have shared a few steps for checking Aadhar Card Status. If you have not received the Aadhar card at your provided residential address. At the time of applying for the Aadhaar Card to the UIDAI center. It takes some time (3 to 4 Months) to deliver the Aadhaar card to the address. But, if you see that your Aadhaar Card Status is showing that your Aadhaar Card was delivered and you have not received it. Then, you can download Aadhar Card Online from anywhere & anytime.

Aadhar Card Status Check By Mobile Number

Follow below step by check aadhar card status by the mobile number

STEP 1: Type MSG UID STATUS, send this to 51969

STEP 2: You, Will, Received Current status of aadhar card on your registered mobile number.

Aadhar Card Status Without Enrolment No Number

After Apply Aaddhaar card application we have check aadhar status but many of user don’t know acknowledgment due to many reasons so if you don’t know acknowledgment here you can check aadhar card status

follow below step by step procedure

Step 1: Visite UIDAI Official Find Section Of Retrieve Lost UID/EID under a section of Aadhaar Enrolment

Step 2: Select You Want to retrieve here you have select EID, Full Name, Email Or Mobile Number, enter a security code and hit on send OTP button

Step 3: Enter This OTP and Hit Verify OTP Button, you will receive aadhar number on a registered mobile number

How To check Aadhar Card Update Status

Aadhar card status update is an important part of this. Applicants also have to update their personal details on the website. People need to change or update their data on the card like name change after marriage etc. All this can be done on the UIDAI website. These updates are done after or during the enrolment. After a child crosses the age of 5, he/she has to be enrolled again. Here the need to update biometric data can arise.

All these can be done on the official website by the user itself.  By letting the user handle these steps of the process helps in shortening the process and making it more accurate. The user can do all this while waiting for the aadhar card status update. The status update is important it but takes a while before generating.  The aadhar card status update can be checked by downloading the UIDAI app or on the website itself. Checking the aadhar card status update helps in confirming if it’s taking too long to generate.

The users should be informed and the update system helps them stay informed. After the generation of the aadhar card, it is posted to the user’s residential address. The users can also check their arrival status and its due time of arrival. This keeps the applicants informed at each step. To make the status update facility accessible to all it has been made even simpler. Users can just dial a toll-free number and enquire. Every applicant should avail the aadhar card status update facility for a smooth aadhar generation experience.

UIDAI has provided facility to update name, age, address, gender, mobile number..ones you apply for updating it takes 15-20 days. you can also check aadhar card update status online just check below step by step procedure

Step 1: Go On Official UIDAI website https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/web/guest/check-status

STEP 2: Enter Aadhar Number, URN number, SRN Number, Security Code and Click on Get Status Button

STEP 3: Finally, Display aadhar card update status

Information About Aadhar card 

Aadhaar card is very important today in India. It has become one of the most crucial documents in the nation. Every other important document of an individual is interlinked with the aadhar now.

The aadhar contains every detail about an individual. It also contains biometrics of an individual. It is mandatory for every person in the nation to own an aadhar card. Applying for the Adhar card is pretty simple. It can be done through UIDAI’s official website. However, India is a country with huge population.

The process after the application is a bit of time- consuming. The applicant has to check the status of the Aadhar card whilst it is being processed. Checking the status helps the applicant to stay informed.

The UIDAI website has the provisions to help the applicants check the status of the aadhar card as well. It might happen that some problem occurs after the application and it is delaying the process, the applicant will come to know about it.

Once resolved the process will be error free again. The applicants can check it through their email id, mobile number, enrolment number, name etc. Letting the applicants check the aadhar status makes the process transparent and empowers them as well.

They don’t have to run to officials to get such simple information. It is available at the tip of the fingers of the applicants. The aadhar status helps the applicant be well informed about the generation of their cards. Once it is generated the applicants can go and collect it and enquire if it hasn’t reached them.

Hey guys, here we are going to tell about How to Check Aadhar Card Status Online after applying for it. Sometimes, it happens that you have applied for the Aadhar Card. But it took so long time to get delivery at your home address. In this situation “you get many types of thought in your mind about the Aadhar Card. Such as “was documented are correct, is there any problem to allotting to Aadhar card to me and much more”.

Now, no need to get worried about the same as you can check Aadhar Card Status online in few minutes by doing some simple step. Just you need some information about your Aadhar Card Application. Like “Enrolment ID and Date/Time which is mentioned over the Aadhar Card Acknowledgement Receipt which was provided to you at the time of applying for Aadhar Card.

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  1. Hello my question is i have loss my Aadhar card so how i am download my aadhar.

    1. Hello haresh,
      Don’t worry you can avail your aadhar in form of pdf.just follow below step.
      For download E aadhar you need to enrollment Id or Aadhar number. if you lose enrollment slip then check this Guide for Retrieve Aadhar number using name and mobile number.

      if you have Enrollment id then check Guide here for how to download aadhar card online

  2. hi,

    i have successfully download my aadhaar card following above tutorial but its asking for password to open….

    so can you tell me what will be the password to open it?

    1. Hey Virat,
      your aadhar card password is simple and eight character. it is a combination of your name and birth year. if your birthday like 14/04/1993 and name shah virat then the password for your e aadhaar card pdf is “SHAH1993”

  3. vishal ravikant varma


    May i know in how many days will it take for update ..
    And can you please tell me how to update my Aadhar card in online ..

    1. If you update Aadhar card detail online, it takes 7-8 day maximum normally but somehow also 3-4 day changes made success in your aadhar card.
      How to Update aadhar card Online ?
      Right now You can Change only Address In Aadhar card using Online portal. if you have more change like Mobile number, Name, DOB, this change made by only aadhar card center.

      If you want to Change Your aadhar Card update then visit this link for more Guide.

      Link : this link for update aadhar card without valid proof of Address

      Link : this link For Aadhar card update

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